Postdoctoral Fellow
Health & Human Development
Human-Centered Design



Refereed Publications

Veronica Ahumada-Newhart and Judith S. Olson. 2019. Going to School on a Robot: Robot and User Interface Design Features that Matter. ACM Trans. Comput.-Hum. Interact. 26, 4, Article 25 (June 2019), 28 pages.

​Stephanie Reich, Wendy Ochoa, Amy Gaona, Yesenia Salcedo, Georgina Espino, Veronica Newhart, Joyce Lin, and Guadalupe Diaz. 2019. Disparities in Caregivers’ Experiences at the Dentist with their Young Child. Academic Pediatrics.

Veronica Ahumada Newhart and Judith S. Olson. 2017. My student is a robot: How schools manage telepresence experiences for students. Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 342–347.

Veronica Ahumada Newhart, Mark Warschauer, and Leonard S. Sender. 2016. Virtual inclusion via telepresence robots in the classroom: An exploratory case study. International Journal of Learning Technologies 23,4: 9-25.

Mark Warschauer and Veronica Ahumada Newhart. 2015. Broadening our concepts of universal access. Universal Access in the Information Society 15,2: 183-188.

Published Abstracts/Workshop Papers
Veronica Ahumada Newhart, Somphone Eno, & Jacquelynne Eccles. 2019. Robots are taking over the world!...Or they may just be helping you get to class. Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity. Honolulu, Hawaii.

Veronica Ahumada Newhart, Mark Warschauer, Judith Olson, & Jacquelynne Eccles. 2017. Go home and get better: An exploration of inequitable educational services for homebound children. IDC 2017 Workshop on Equity and Inclusivity at the ACM SIGCHI Interaction Design and Children Conference.

Veronica Ahumada Newhart & Judith Olson. 2017. Social rules for going to school on a robot. CSCW 2017 Workshop on Robots in Groups and Teams at the ACM SIGCHI Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing Conference.

Veronica Ahumada Newhart. 2014. Virtual inclusion via telepresence robots in the classroom. In CHI'14 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pp. 951-956. ACM.

Poster Presentations

Veronica Ahumada Newhart, Mark Warschauer, Masha Jones, & Jacquelynne Eccles. 2018. Telepresence Robots Improve Social Connectedness for Homebound Pediatric Patients.  Pathways to Cures: Translational Research Science Day. UC Irvine Campus and Medical Center, Institute of Clinical and Translational Science, NIH.

Veronica Ahumada Newhart. 2013. Disparities in Dental Care for Head Start Children. UC Irvine, School of Education 

State and Federal Publications
Newhart, V.A., (2011). Oral Health School-based Screening in Montana. Montana Public Health: Prevention Opportunities Under the Big Sky. Department of Public Health and Human Services, State of Montana.

Newhart, V.A., & Carpenedo D. (2011). Connecting Oral Health and School Readiness. Montana School Readiness Initiative. Department of Public Health and Human Services, State of Montana.

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Newhart, V.A. (2010). Oral Health Education Curriculum for Grades K-5. National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Bulletin XXIII. Washington DC: National Maternal and Child Health Resource Center.

Manuscripts Under Review
Veronica Ahumada Newhart & Jacquelynne Eccles. 2019. A framework to evaluate the robot mediated presence of children.  (Under review)