My Research



My research sits at the intersection of Health, Human-Centered Computing, Robot-Mediated Presence, and Human Development across the lifespan. My work explores how technology-mediated communications and experiences contribute to increased social connectedness, positive human relationships, accessibility, and improved health outcomes. We are excited to be exploring the addition of a hand feature to facilitate human computer (HCI) and human robot (HRI) interaction for children in the Cognitive Anteater Robotics Lab (CARL) lab with the Toyota Human Service Robot (HSR). My recent and on-going studies explore the design features that matter in the robot-mediated presence of children, technology-mediated human development, and interdisciplinary collaborations that are needed to further this work at the human-technology frontier.

Before my postdoctoral research, I served as a public health leader for the state of Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services, in the Family and Community Health Bureau, where I began my work on tele-health/medicine technologies. Before and during my work at the state, I served as adjunct faculty at the University of Montana, Helena where I taught introductory courses to computing and technology as well as human relations and professional development.